Buy "The Legendary Graduate" to add to your prestigious collection of books, and have people asking questions every time they see it on your clean shelf, or on your nice coffee table! They will wonder, "Who is The Legendary Graduate, and what made his graduation so special?" Then, they will know the truth, only because you showed them, something you should be very proud of! Buy it today and show off for years to come.

"The Legendary Graduate" is the most addictive book of poetry in the world, written by accomplished autistic poet and author, Joseph D. Smith! The book was written in honor of his own private graduation ceremony, held in his honor by the county Judge and the county Sheriff! The book features over 40 of his own original poems, each with their own story, and each are a rare look inside the mind of an autistic individual.


Please request that your local bookstore, library, or your book club, and for retailers to carry the book, The Legendary Graduate by Joseph D. Smith in their stores, and wherever else the book may be sold and displayed!

When requesting The Legendary Graduate, give the following information:

Title: The Legendary Graduate
Author: Joseph D. Smith
Year Published: 2012
Publisher: Lulu.COM
ISBN-10: 1105237761
9781105237768 (Recommended)

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